Is there an Ed?

Yes there is, Ed and Chris are the owners and managers of Ed The Fridge Man, a family run business.

Do you have EFTPOS?

Yes we do. Both in the showroom and with our mobile service technicians.

Do you have warranty on your fridges?

All our products come with a warranty. Terms and Conditions

What are the best brands?

We only stock the best brands. We recommend staying with recognised brand names.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do deliver, just let us know the item to be delivered and the delivery location and we can give you a quote. *Conditions Apply

What is the difference between front and top load washers?

Personal choice mostly. There are some minor differences, but for the most part just choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

How soon can you send a technician?

Most of the time we can come to you on the same or next day.

How much will the parts cost?

Without having seen your appliance and the fault, it is impossible for us to tell exactly what parts will be required for the job. Once our technician has inspected your appliance you may request a written or verbal estimate prior to our technician repairing your appliance.

If you think that you know what parts your appliance would require please contact us to see if we can get you a quote. Please note that prices may vary, and additional parts may be required beyond what you think are needed.

Appliance repairs are often complex and we do our very best when providing estimates for repair, however, due to the complex nature of modern appliances if additional parts are required to complete above what was quoted in a written estimate, these will be charged our standard terms and conditions.

What does the warranty cover?

Warranty covers parts and labour for mechanical and sealed system faults. Our Terms and Conditions

What does factory refurbished mean?

Products that have been returned to supplier as they had superficial damage or they didn’t perform properly. Any faults found are rectified and then sold as refurbished not as new.

What was wrong with this fridge?

All of our fridges are tested in the shop and come with the warranty, what ever was wrong with the fridge has been fixed or replaced.

What are your opening hours?

On weekdays we are open from 8am till 5pm and Saturday 9am till 1pm.

We book service callouts between 8am and 4pm on weekdays and we book deliveries between 10am and 1pm on weekdays, depending on the location?

How can I pay?

We prefer payment via credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
We do accept cash, but bear in mind our on-road service technicians do not carry much change.
EFT can be requested if no other way is available.

Will the technician have the parts with him?

Our technicians carry a large number of parts both in their vehicles for your visit and also in the local warehouses. We attempt to bring the parts we believe are necessary. However, you might appreciate that there is a huge number of appliances and an even larger number of parts available. We can not carry every possible part and may need to order parts once we have diagnosed the exact fault.

For most customers we will have the parts on the day. But if you require us to bring the parts you believe are necessary we may ask for you to pay a deposit for the parts or log a credit card in our system for payment in advance.

How will I know that the technician is coming?

We normally book customers into a 2 hour window. On the day the technicians will notify you when they are heading your way.

I had a repair completed recently but there is a problem with my appliance again, will I have to pay another service fee?

The warranty on our service call is for 3 months on labour conducted to complete the repair. We also extend the warranty on our spare parts up to 12 months. On the day our technician will be able to tell you if the repair is covered under warranty or if there are further charges applicable. While we try to repair all issues with your appliance we can only repair what we see or have reported to us is an issue. If we don't know about it we can not fix it.

How long is the warranty on my repair?

Service Labour warranty - 3 months.
Spare Parts warranty - Manufactures Warranty (3 to 12 months depending on the part)

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